A Breakthrough in Treatment

Ketamine Treatments

Blossom Therapy Approach

Blossom takes a customized approach to mental wellness. Using psychedelic-enhanced therapy, to facilitate a way for you to find your voice and take control over your emotional well-being.

Ketamine has the potential to catalyze and accelerate the healing process in individuals suffering from an array of symptoms. The psychotherapy component of KAP allows the patient to process the insights gained through the Ketamine experience with the therapist, supporting integration of these insights and lasting symptom relief.

Conditions We Treat

ketamine for depression



ketamine for suicide ideation


You’ve come to the right place

A Breakthrough in Treatment

If you’re struggling due to, you’ve come to the right place. Any goal you may have will be welcomed with support, starting with small steps that work for you and to hold space for your pain, grief or sense of confusion.
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Release Your Pain

Gain Perspective On Your Mental Health

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can help the patient gain perspective on their mental patterns and belief systems, allowing them to see these stuck patterns more clearly. Ketamine also introduces patients to new perspectives and insights, which they can then work to integrate into their conceptual framework with the support of the therapist.

We help our patients overcome:


Feeling Lost

Bad Habits