Easy Access To Online Booking​ & Telehealth

Forms, Appointment Information and Patient Billing

How Our Billing Works

We provide a simple, transparent, and paperless e-billing system for your convenience. Digital statements are sent via text and email with a link to access your account information inside our secure patient portal.

Using the portal, you can select your preferred notification channel, update your contact information, view your balance, make a payment or build a payment plan. You can also enroll in auto-pay at any time by filling out the Payment Authorization form at the top of this page. Questions? Reply to the text/email you receive to chat with a member of our billing staff during business hours. You can also -reach us by calling (604) 332-2401.
Easy Access To Online Booking​ & Telehealth

Set up and manage flexible payment plans online.

Whether you plan to use insurance or pay out-of-pocket, you'll be given instant access to your account to set up payments based on your budget. We also offer complete transparency allowing you to see every activity within your account as it happens so you're never left wondering what you owe.